KnotRings helps you

We make puzzle rings and other tools that open doors.

How you use them is up to you: by focusing your thoughts, calling on allies, and using techniques to hold these forces together. These rings hold the energy, accompanying you as you pass through these doors.

Our website contains instructions on different ways that you can use these rings, and ways to focus your intentions effectively.

Interested in just putting the puzzle together?

There are also simple instructions that teach how to put the rings together, that you can print, and videos that show you how.

Wear Your Magic

To others, these look like unique and intriguing puzzle rings. To you, they are capable of holding your intentions, and the power that comes from the thoughts you invoke. Wearing these rings keeps your intention focused.

Develop a mental process that empowers your ring, specifically tailored by you. This site can help you to develop a focused intention that WORKS.