Celtic Hearts Instructions

The Celtic Heart Ring's assembly is straightforward, yet still holds your intentions effectively. Reminding you (and signaling to others) of your intentions for a balanced and loving, equal relationship.

If you just want to assemble the ring, or if you are wanting to later close the ring in ritual with intentions, it is good to practice, using these directions as a guide (possible suggestions of intentions made are in parentheses):

1 Hold one of the two center bands in your left hand, so that the point of the heart faces you. (this is my heart)

2 Move the single band to the left side. Now place it’s heart section in the notch of the First heart (I make a place for the love of another)

3 Hold these two pieces in your left fingers. With the other hand, move the next band so the heart point is away from you (Here is the heart of the other)

4 Move the final band so that it nests through the notch in the second heart (I give my love freely to the other, and find a place within their heart)

5 Finally, slide the two hearts together, and rotate the shanks so that they all line up into one ring (Our two hearts become one, together. We each support the other, and complement each other. We give each other respect and support, as equals)

6 Place the ring on your finger (or that of your partner, repeating for the other ring)