Pentagram Instructions

The Pentagram ring is one of the more powerful and complex rings.

The Pentagram has five bands, and can be assembled most easily by using the four cardinal directions, along with the center.

Wearing it enables a physical presence of your intentions, a connection to the forces encapsulated in the ring.

If you just want to assemble the ring, or if you are wanting to later close the ring in ritual with intentions, it is a good idea to practice first, using these directions as a guide:

1 Take the second band (the one with just the arrow, no part of the circle attached) in your left hand, pointing the arrow east, away from you. (Call powers of the East)

2 Now turn to the right 90 degrees, keeping the first arrow to the east. Take the first (single) band, and move it so that the arrow points south, and interlocks with the east arrow. (Call powers of the South)

3 Turn again to the right, 90 degrees, and move the third band so that the arrow points west. The notch behind the arrow should interlock with the previous band, so that now you have three arrows locked together. (Call powers of the West)

4 Turn 90 degrees once more to face north, holding the three arrows pointing in their directions. Move the next band so that it loops through the center of the forming star, and slide it so that it points north. (Call powers of the North)

5 Raise the ring so that the first three arrows point up to the sky, and place the fifth band so that it's arrow nests to the left of the first three (Call powers of Sky Above)

6 Rotate the final band so that it slides into place, nesting next to the others, and forming a star. Lower the ring as you do so (Call powers of the Earth Below)

7 Place the completed ring on your finger