There are many in our community who want to help others. My intention, as designer of these rings, is that they act as vehicles to expand the influence ideas that we use as pagans to a wider audience.

Setting intentions, and training our minds to focus energy, are skills that we use every day. The use of our skills in positive ways helps us and benefits the earth.

These skills can be useful to others, and introducing people to ways that they can be used will hopefully open the door to bring more people into our world.

Would you like to participate in this? It would be very useful to develop a knowledge base that people on a main stream site (like Etsy) can learn from.

By giving people some basic tools that they can incorporate into developing their own mental skills, perhaps we can open a door in a positive way. If someone learns to use a ring to focus their energies with a good result, they are likely to be interested in learning more about our craft.

So here is my offer to you: If you contribute advice to this site, I will provide you a ring at minimal cost, for you to use and explore its capabilities. In return I hope that you will share my enthusiasm, and give advice to Neophytes as they explore their capabilities and learn the skills to focus their mental abilities.

These rings are ideal for bringing some of the concepts that we use as pagans to a larger community.

Through sales on a platform like Etsy, we can introduce some of the mental skills and processes to the general public, in a way that can be non-threatening, yet fascinating, so that our ideas can grow.

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We would like to develop a community of both teachers (those skilled in the arts of focusing intentions for positive change), and those who are new to the concepts that guide our craft.

A few basics have already been outlined on this site, around intentions, calming the mind, and distilling the essence of what it is that we desire.

So much more needs to be passed along, so that those just learning the craft may have mentors.


At the outset, it is important to settle in your mind exactly what your intentions are.

Before the first step in any endeavor, it is good to think.

Focus your intention.

What is it that you would like?

Distill your thoughts

to a single phrase

Focus on what you want, or what you would like to do. What is your goal? - Write it down.

Once you have envisioned your intentions, think about the various ways you can take action. What will it will take to get there?

Is there an order to the steps you can take?

Who will Help?

How can you change your mindset to enable it to happen?

What are the pitfalls? Things to avoid?

What are the impediments? How will these be overcome?

Once you have thought through various aspects of your goals, focus your intention on a phrase or statement that sums it up: ( example)

Repeat the phrase, while you focus your intentions.

In Ritual, open sacred space. Call in the sacred directions. State your intentions. Call on powers / deities that could help you. Respectfully ask for their help.

With the ring open, State your intentions, and that you are consciously calling on powers to help you, enfolded in the ring.

Close the ring (see specific instructions for the Pentagram here, or Celtic Hearts here), stating aspects with each step.

When the ring is closed, place it on your finger, holding that intention.

Close the circle and thank the powers of the directions and deities that you have invoked as you do so. Invite them to help you as you wear the ring.

As you wear the ring, it will remind you of your intentions, and help you on your path.

Wearing Magic

Unique tools that have never been seen before, These Rings have the ability to hold thought.

Imbued with your intentions, they are your secret ally, accompanying you as they are worn.

Through focusing your intent and drawing specific energies, you empower these rings.

As you wear the ring, feel the increased focus and abilities. Experience the change that ensues!

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