Looking For Love

A Celtic Heart ring can also be used to set your love intentions,

attracting your complement,

welcoming love to your heart.

Here is a sample you can use to set your intentions:

(Hold a center band, with the incomplete heart up and facing you):

"Here is my heart, open yet incomplete. (+)"

(move the single outside band through the center of your heart):

"I invite the love of a complementary person,

and look to share the love that I have. (+)"

(moving the piece to the small notch for it in your heart):

"I provide a place in my heart for that of another"

(hold the open heart band now along with the small piece in one hand)

(With the other hand, hold the opposite heart):

"I call out to attract my partner"

(move the complementary piece to the notch in that heart)

"My partner feels my love and accepts it into their heart"

"I call out to the powers that be to help us find each other, and share our complementary love"

(Take the two assembled halves, and move the two hearts together, rotating them as they meet so that they interlock)

"I wear this ring to carry this intention, (_____), and welcome the love of another to join my heart in equality"

(Place the ring on your finger and repeat the intention in your mind)

As you wear the ring, it will remind you of your intention. As you go out into the world, feel it's power work around you.