Handfasting Vows

Handfasting (or Marriage) is a traditional use for rings, as we all know.

A possible template for vows is below. Please feel free to use this, or change it to suit your particular needs.

If you would like to share your adaptation with others, please post it in the community section. Thanks!

(First partner holds ring by one center band):

"Here is my heart, incomplete

yet open to another"

(Second partner holds second center band):

"Here is my heart, incomplete

and open to you"


"Our hearts are linked, yet incomplete

let us each provide for each other,

so the other's needs are cared for

and we may grow life together"

(each brings an outside band to the center of their heart, saying):

"I invite your life to the core of my heart"

"I invite your life to the core of my heart"

(Enmesh the two center bands, linking the hearts. The two outside bands are now captured in the center):

"We Join today so that our love lasts as one" 

(Each move one outside band so that it completes the other's heart):

"I reflect your love, in perfect completion

binding our hearts together as one"

(The closed ring is now forms two hearts, woven in Celtic fashion, and is placed on the finger)

(The ritual now repeats, with the second partner's ring assembled)

(Each partner places the ring on the other's finger):

"With this ring I Handfast to you, so that we may share our love and grow our love and lives together"

"(more- compose as you wish)"